The Baton Rouge Office Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with LSU Fans Taking the Win over the Crimson Tide!

The Baton Rouge office accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge from the Mobile office, but the LSU fans were able to stay out of the cold!

The office posed an ALS Football Team challenge - LSU fans VS all other (mainly Alabama) fans to see who could raise the most money for ALS! The winning team would get to stay dry and pour the ice water on the losing team. LSU fans claimed victory and won by $267! The final score was LSU with a total of $697, and Alabama fans with a total of $430.

The unfortunate Alabama fans dunked with the ice water included Teammates Rob Garrison, Brad Felkner, Derryl Evans and Bill Agerton. They challenged all on-site Teammates at Syngenta, St Gabriel, BASF Zachary to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! The victorious participants dumping the ice water included Teammates Todd Bordelon, Gerard Suhor, Michael Viviano and Drew Landry. Baton Rouge Office Teammates that also participated included Liz Jones, Loyd Carroll, Kalyan Dave, Corey Hargrove, Micah Harrell, John Vidrine, Adrienne White, Kathy Jones, Tricia Goudeau, Kathleen Galloway and Shelby Dontay.

The real winners are the thousands of people currently battling ALS that will benefit from this generous donation to help fund research and patient care. Great job Team!