2nd Annual Hargrove Fishing Rodeo

Benefitting the Hargrove Foundation

Hargrove is hosting its 2nd Annual Fishing Rodeo on Saturday, June 16th at Bridgeside Marina in Grand Isle, Louisiana! Join us at a NEW venue with more room to accommodate more guests! The tournament will begin bright and early at 6AM with weigh-in from 3-5PM. Both cabins and RV spots are available for rent. Registration is just $20.00/person and all proceeds will benefit the Hargrove Foundation which is dedicated to incredible causes across four sectors of giving: health and human services, education, arts and culture, and qualified sports activities. Come and make a splash with us at this year’s Hargrove Fishing Rodeo!

Trophies & Awards: 

• Speckled Trout
• Redfish (16 in to 27 in)
• Bull Red (27in+)
• Trash Fish
• Red Snapper
• Biggest Fish Trophy – Largest fish has to be on the eligible fish list.
• Cajun Slam (Flounder, Spec, Redfish under 27”) - Heaviest 3 Fish Stringer
• Redfish with the most spots (Leopard)

Kiddy Crab Race

  • Free entry to children 5 through 12 years.
  • Date and time – Saturday, 5:00 PM.
  • Registration will be at the Pavilion daily from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Entrants must bring their own crab. They may enter one crab in competition.
  • First, second, and third place trophies will be awarded to entrants. 
Fishing Rodeo Ticket

Eligible fish: 

  • Black Drum
  • Flounder
  • Redfish (under 27 in)
  • Bull Red
  • Speckled Trout
  • Trash Fish
  • Red Snapper
  • Cobia
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Tuna
  • Wahoo


  • All participants in the Rodeo must have a valid Louisiana basic and saltwater fishing license. 
  • Louisiana law provides that all persons using a rod and reel must have a fishing license if they have reached their 16th birthday. 
  • Residents who have reached the age of 60 years or older before June 1, 2000 are not required to possess a Louisiana fishing license, but must have proof of age in their possession whenever fishing. 
  • Licenses are not required of children under 16 years of age. 

Rules & Regulations

Fishing contest fraud is a crime in the state of Louisiana. Please read and comply with these rules.

  1. All fish entered in rodeo competition must be registered and weighed at rodeo headquarters at Bridge Side Marina Pavilion.
  2. The registration fee is $20 per person. Anglers must be registered prior to entering fishing competition.
  3. Tickets or ticket numbers must be presented to the weighmasters each time a fish is brought in for entry. Tickets will not be accepted without the angler’s name legibly printed. If the angler is not actually present, the fish must be tagged with the angler’s name and ticket registration number.
  4. Methods of fishing shall be casting, drift fishing, trolling, and still fishing.
  5. A participant must abide by LDWF fishing regulations relating to size and bag limits.
  6. Fishing waters include all Louisiana inshore and offshore territorial waters and the Gulf of Mexico.
  7. The official weigh station will be open at 3PM on the day of the rodeo and will close at 5PM the same day.
  8. For purposes of determining total length, measurement of fish shall be from the outer extremity of the tip of the snout, with the fish’s mouth closed, to the extreme tip of the tail fin when squeezed in a way to obtain the maximum overall length.
  9. Weights will be determined in pounds and ounces.
  10. Fish shall not be weighed except in the presence of the weighmaster and the owner’s registration ticket or ticket number must be presented or the fish will not be weighed.
  11. In the event of a tie, the first fish entered places.
  12. Decisions of the weighmasters are final.
  13. The weighmaster, in ruling on the eligibility of mutilated fish, shall do so in accordance with the rules of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA).
  14. All participating anglers are urged to review these rules before competition.
  15. No refunds will be issued in the event of a weather cancellation.